Social network for forecasters. Bet on politics, sports, tech, science and more with play money. Create your own markets. Receive airdrops.
Testnet coming soon!

DAO Controlled

Seers operates as a social network governed by a DAO. Each update to the dapp must be approved through a voting mechanism that utilizes locked SEER tokens called neurons.

Fully On-Chain

All user data, including posts, pictures, and videos, is stored on the blockchain. This ensures that users retain ownership of their data and have control over its use.

Crypto Primitives

In addition to common functionalities such as posts, likes, and media uploads, we offer cryptocurrency primitives, including transfers, tokenized polls, and airdrops.

Capped Supply

The total supply of tokens is capped at 100 million. This ensures that we will not inflate the supply; instead, we aim to genuinely reward our users.

Roadmap 2024

Our roadmap for the rest of the year includes decentralizing and polishing our current features and UI/UX.

  • Decentralise Seers using the SNS [DONE]

    Decentralize Seers by distributing 31% of the token supply and establishing an SNS DAO.

  • Improve UI/UX and X features

    Complete the new UI/UX implementation and refine all core X features.

  • Re-launch prediction markets

    Implement the resolution of prediction markets through token voting and a decentralized sports oracle, then re-enable prediction markets.