Web 3.0 Social Network
ICX is a cutting-edge web3 social network designed to embody the true principles of a decentralized internet. Built atop the revolutionary framework of the Internet Computer, it mirrors the functionalities you love on platforms like Twitter, but with enhanced privacy, ownership, and community-driven governance.
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Weekly Rewards

ICX is a social network that rewards your activity with weekly ICP/ICX tokens. Engage and contribute to earn rewards, revolutionizing the fusion of social media and token economics in one platform.

Prediction Markets

In ICX, you can create, resolve, and participate in prediction markets. These markets allow users to make predictions about future events, leveraging the collective wisdom of the community.

By accurately predicting outcomes, users have the opportunity to win ICP tokens as a reward for their correct predictions.

Prediction markets are resolved using token voting and a decentralised sports oracle.

Roadmap 2023

Our roadmap for the rest of the year includes decentralizing and polishing our current features and UI/UX.

  • Decentralise ICX using the SNS

    Decentralize ICX by distributing 31% of the token supply and establishing an SNS DAO.

  • Improve UI/UX and X features

    Complete the new UI/UX implementation and refine all core X features.

  • Re-launch prediction markets

    Implement the resolution of prediction markets through token voting and a decentralized sports oracle, then re-enable prediction markets.